Aeste About

Gut Health, Skin and Laser

Over the past ten years we have helped thousands of people make improvements in their skin, their gut health, their energy and their confidence. We would like to do the same for you.


Our Training

Our goal is to provide the highest quality treatments and training to those who wish to look and feel like themselves only better. That is why we are the I-ACT accredited training school for both the UK and Ireland, a training standard recognised worldwide and required under federal law to carry out gut health therapies in the USA.

Our Experience

We have been running skin, laser and gut health clinics in Ireland for over ten years, and have worked with skin of every ethnicity, culture and race. We would be happy to recommend a skin and gut health programme to suit you.

Our Vision

We imagine a world where people recognise the value of looking within to find the problem without. That is why we believe that all skin, detox and wellbeing challenges should take gut health into consideration. Our treatments and programmes have helped thousands of people.

Meet The Gut Toker

Founder of Vitality Centre and author of Gut Happiness

About The Gut Toker

Having discovered a way to feel better, The Gut Toker established Vitality Centre in 2009 empowering people who have found themselves coming up against a brick wall in terms of skin and gut health. The Gut Toker believes that many skin symptoms originate in the gut and that when advanced skin therapies are combined with gut cleansing therapies the results are astounding. In 2017, she wrote Gut Happiness so that others might benefit from all that she has learned over the past decade working one to one with people from all walks of life with one common goal; to look and feel better naturally.