Skin Peel

What are the benefits of Skin Peels?

Today, the skin industry has reached a pivotal point. Skin peels offer intensive medi-facial results that ensure the use of the purest grade ingredients to safely and gently resurface skin, reduce fine lines, address problematic skin and encourage cellular renewal. The upside of skin peels is that results are instant.

Skin peels offer remarkable re-surfacing capabilities that works as follows:

  • A gentle intensive glycolic peel is applied to skin
  • The peel develops in minutes and is removed without discomfort
  • The treatment is complemented by a combination of plant based serums and cremes to cool soothe and hydrate

What To Expect After Chemical Skin Peels

Results are seen instantly. Directly after your treatment skin glows with renewed vitality. Make up can be applied within 60 minutes making this an ideal skin treatment to boost your complexion in advance of a night out.

Benefits of Skin Peels

Using a breakthrough formula which is based on sugar cane, skin peels at Vitality Centre can bring your skin to the next level of youthful radiance. Very often the following benefits are experienced after a course of treatment.

Clearer skin
Brighter skin
Make up applies easier
Fine lines reduced
Skin looks youthful
Sun damage reduced
Hydration increased

Consider undergoing one skin peel before you start a course of micro skin needling to remove the build up of dead skin especially if you have been using topical acne creams or treatments in the past. This will help to ensure that you peel less since the upper dermal layer is removed and the skin needling can start to work immediately on lower dermis to improve acne scars and deeper wrinkles. Results are better with micro needling when the upper dermal layer has been exfoliated which is one of the prime benefits of skin peels.

How Many Skin Peels are Recommended for Optimal Results?

For maximum results consider a course 5 - 6 of chemical peels carried out approximately 2 - 4 weeks apart for optimal results.