Gut Health Colonic Hydrotherapy

Did You Know That Many Skin Problems Originate in the Gut?

At Dublin Vitality centre clinics, advanced colonic hydrotherapy is recommended to cleanse the body and brighten the skin. The Harley Street Method is an advanced treatment that offers exceptional privacy which is why people who really care about gut and skin health choose Vitality Centre clinics for their treatments.

For those who wish to achieve the maximum, skin, anti-bloating, inchloss and anti-aging benefits from colonichydrotherapy, Vitality Centre clinics is delighted to recommend an advanced signature detox treatment which is called Inchloss Detox Express.

Tanya Sweeney

This treatment combines colonic hydrotherapy with 4 other detox protocols for spectacular results in less than a lunchtime.When it's time to look and feel slimmer instantly, you need to experience the incredible benefits of Inchloss Detox Express. With 5 deep body detox treatments this incredible treatment plan is ideal for those looking to kickstart weight loss in a lunchtime. An advanced combination of amethyst, far infra red light therapy, mechanical lymphatic drainage, colonic hydrotherapy and liver coffee enema will instantly remove deep body toxins to ensure a slimmer looking you with further weight loss to follow. And did we brighter younger looking skin. Natural anti-oxidants act to detoxify andfight the skins of aging in the skin.

"My face looked brighter and under eye bags far less pronounced."
YOU Magazine
Irish Daily Mail

Inchloss Detox Express Consists of Two Distinct Stages

  • Hot Amethyst Thermotherapy
  • Far Infra Red Heat
  • Mechanical Lymphatic Massage

Colonic Hydrotherapy (Advanced Harley Street Method) with Liver Coffee Enema

During 90 minutes, you will undergo an intense detox programme that will cleanse the main eliminatory organs of your body to make your sparkle from the inside out.

  • Flatten Tummy
  • Brighten Skin
  • Reduce Eye Bags
  • Boost Mood
  • Improve Gut Health
  • Detox 4 main eliminatory organs in one treatment
    • liver
    • colon
    • lymphatic
    • skin

I-ACT Certified Colonic Hydrotherapy Training School

Vitality Centre is the I-ACT certified training school for Ireland and the UK. This means that all our therapists are trained to the internationally recognised standard. Vitality Centre is the preferred clinic those seeking advanced gut health colonic hydrotherapy treatment in Ireland.

"Over the next few weeks, my psoriasis - which is an irritant rather than a full on annoyance - cleared up completely."
YOU Magazine
Irish Daily Mail

Discover The Harley Street Colonic Hydrotherapy Method On GMTV

"I felt completely re-energised and less sluggish."
YOU Magazine
Irish Daily Mail

Recommended Protocol For Colonic Hydrotherapy or Inchloss Detox Express

  • 1 x 3 (weekly)