Diathermy Red Vein Removal

The aging process along with environmental factors such as sun, wind, hot and cold weather can cause the appearance of tiny broken capillaries around the nose and cheeks. These are called thread veins. They are unsightly and very difficult to hide. However, they can be removed quickly and effectively with an advanced treatment called diathermy.

Diathermy can be used to treat a variety of conditions including:

  • Thread Veins
  • Broken Capillaries
  • Milia
  • Skin tags

All of these can be easily removed fast and effectively using Diathermy. After just one treatment blemish free clear skin is revealed. No laser, no damage. Just instant results in most cases. In some cases and depending upon the severity of the condition a course of treatment may be required.

Watch Video of Red Vein Removal At Vitality Centre Clinics:

How Does Diathermy Work?

Short wave diathermy involves the passage of a high frequency current at alternative levels over the area of the skin which requires treatment. The local concentration of current passes through the skin and renders the broken vessel underneath obsolete. Essentially, it blocks the flow of blood into the capillary and thus it fades away instantly. At Dublin Vitality Center, the method of Diathermy is short wave method. This means that it combines a cutting waveform with coagulation to allow greater hemostasis during cutting.

The presense of broken veins and capillaries are one of the very notable and unsightly signs of aging. Over the years and through various lifestyle indications, these small red veins become apparent especially around the nose and cheeks. Women can cover then with makeup but they are still noticeable. Men do not have this option.

What Causes Red Broken Veins On The Face?

The correct name for these is facial talangestetica. The are also known as blood spots, spider naervi, broken veins, broken capillaries, red veins and thread veins. Whatever the name they are treated effectively with short wave Diathermy at Dublin Vitality Centre Clinics. In advanced cases, up to 5 treatments may be recommended.

Downtime aftercare

Skin may form a crust which resembles dry skin. This must not be disturbed but will fall away naturally by itself. Skin will be red for a few days post treatment. No sun and no scrubbing, pool, gym or saunas for at least 72 hours. Full recovery is 6 weeks in some rare cases but many people see 80% result in 10 days.

Apply co-enzyme Q10 serum or as recommended by Vitality Centre to stop the formation of further red veins.