Meso Fusion Scar Repair

Meso Fusion Acne Scar Repair is a combined facial treatment that can help remove acne scars. Book this innovative package for the recovery of scars and see improvements in your skin in just a few sessions.

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Acne scars are caused by depressions in the dermal layer by spots that have subsequently healed. Meso Fusion Acne Repair is a combined facial treatment therapy that has been developed over many years to offer a safe and cost effective way to achieve smoother, rejuvenated skin without surgery. If you are tired of having to cover your scars with makeup and being self conscious about your skin in social situations, you are not alone. Thousands of people have enjoyed improvements to their skin by undergoing this exceptionally effective combination therapy protocol. Expect to see the following improvements.

Improvements in Acne Scars

Reduced hyperpigmentation caused by scarring

Increased Elasticity

Overall redness reduced

Pores reduced

Collagen Increased

Overall More Even Skin Tone

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Meso Fusion Acne Repair is a facial recovery treatment that works as follows:

  • Micro Needling x 3
  • Microdermabraion/Peel as required x 1
  • The treatment is complemented by a combination of plant based serums and cremes to cool sooth and hydrate

What To Expect After "Meso Fusion Acne Repair" Treatment

It is recommended to begin your treatment with either microdermabrasion or a peel. This helps to smooth the upper dermal layer and means less peeling and dry skin when you being your mesotherapy skin needling. Skin needling produces incredible medically quantifiable results for acne scar recovery. However there is some downtime after each treatment. Skin redness will persist for approximately 3 - 5 days. Make up can be applied the next day. Some dryness and flaking may also occur.

What Does It Consist Of?

You will undergo a total of 4 combined facial treatments in each Meso Fusion Acne Repair package. This is the minimum recommended recovery plan for acne. Some advanced cases of acne scarring should consider doing the whole programme twice. If you would like to reverse acne scarring on your face, this is the best possible option. This is a starter package. You may also be recommended to have laser facial treatments with this programme. Your therapist will advise you what will work best for your skin. Please note there are 3 more levels for more advanced scarring and other conditions.

How Do I Prepare For This?

Avoid using exfoliants and come off any topical acne treatment or creams since they tend to dry the skin. You must not be on accutane or related perscription medication during the time of your treatment and for 6 months in advance of it.

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