Nano Needling Probiotic Facial

What is The Probiotic Facial?

Introducing probiotic skincare into the upper dermal lay with nano-needling. Nano-needling combined with probiotic skincare is a non-invasive transdermal vitamin and serum delivery facial that uses a blunt tapping motion to gently push serums, and vitamins into the dermis. Using a pen-like device similar to that used for microneedling, a disposable nano-cartridges is applied to the skin.

This device delivers thousands of microscopic taps that hammer at high speed at the skin, and successfully send nourishing products deep into the skin's epidermis where they can be optimally beneficial. These tiny hammering cartridges are thinner than human hair - hence the term nano-needling. When they make contact with the skin, they are thought to deliver in one session no less than 200,000 nano-channels. That means 200,000 taps sending vitamin c, or whatever nutrient facial your therapist recommends deep into your dermis.

Why everyone loves the Vita-C Nano-Needling Facial:
  • No downtime
  • Can apply make up in a few hours
  • Excellent as a super deep facial
  • Ideal for hydrating the skin
  • Instant brightness
  • Anti-aging
  • Excellent maintenance
  • Feels relaxing
  • Customised facial products can be applied as needed