Probiotic Implantation

What are the benefits of Direct Probiotic Implantation?

Leading gut health doctors like Dr. Perlmutter, author of Wheat Belly and many other books on gut health already realise that the best way to harness the benefits of introducing microbiomes is by undergoing probiotic enemas. In combination with taking oral probiotics, this is especially beneficial to help target problem skin.

Can I get enough probiotics from food?

Probiotics and prebiotic foods which we ingest such as kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut, yogurt, kimchi and other cultures are excellent for helping to maintain a healthy gut but to balance gut flora in the first place especially where the skin is indicated and shows signs of possible gut health related problems, but when skin does not respond you need to take out the weeds; that is to say, remove the old stuff, the imbalanced gut flora that lives in our bowel, often named as candida. Very often a course of colonic hydrotherapy and direct probiotics is recommended and very often, the results and improvements to skin, mood, bloating and overall well being are staggering. Not only do clients report better skin, but often report they report boosted weight loss and vitality.

What are probiotic implants recommended for better skin?

To get your skin in tip top condition, consider combining your skin care routine with probiotic implants. This can help to balance the gut after extreme medication or ongoing exposure to antibiotics. Consider this a way of removing the physical overgrowth first. Introduce a course of probiotic enemas in tandem with the consumption of prebiotic foods and oral probiotics can offer huge improvements to skin especially when combined with other skin treatments.

“Probiotic Implants are the best way to introduce probiotic bacteria directly into the bowel.”
- Dr. Perlmutter.

Dr. David Perlmutter a medical doctor who has devoted his life to researching and writing about microbiomes recommends probiotic enemas because they have benefitted so many of his patients. He says that probiotic enemas "are the best way to introduce probiotic bacteria directly into the bowel". (Perlmutter, 2015)