Skin Tightening

During the natural course of aging, the face undergoes a series of predictable changes. The skin loses its elasticity through a loss of integrity of both collagen and elastin fibres.

Nothing gives away the age of the skin like sagging. That's because skin loses elasticity over time. Various applications and treatments can be used to increase the elastin and collagen of the skin.

Many treatments can be considered for superficial skin sagging. These including

  • Skin Needling
  • Microdermabrasion
  • IPL Laser
  • Radio Frequency Treatment

The secret is to target the problem early. Begin the above treatments as timely as possible to keep skin tight and taut. Many people now choose to consider skin tightening procedures during their early 30s to stop the jowls that hang.

Dry Skin Needling at Home

A skin roller used at home on the neck or facial area can help tighten skin cells. The findings of a renowned South African plastic surgeon called Dr. Fernandez sent ripples of excitement across the medical community in 1999 when his research on skin tightening with skin needling was released.

Chin Liposuction for Jowling

If there are minor jowls or( turkey gobble) present in the neck and the skin has elasticity, a simple treatment of chin lipo suction followed by a combination of the above will improve the problem.

The reason that chin liposuction is so effective is that is eradicates the heaviness of the fat cells under the chin which means that skin does not stretch under the weight of the fat over time. Many plastic surgeon perform this treatment and once again it can be done in a lunchtime. Only local anaesthetic is required and downtime is less than one week.

Heavy Jowls or Skin Stretching

If excessive jowls have already formed in the chin area, it is best to consult a cosmetic surgeon for advice.