Turbo Red Vein Buster

Redness and broken veins on the face can add years to your appearance. Book Turbo Red Vein Buster at Vitality Centre Ballsbridge today and see your skins overall appearance improve in just a few sessions.

red vein removal dublin

Look closely at your skin. You may notice that you have broken veins but also you may notice a general redness. Thats because broken veins and rosacea usually go hand in hand. This means that you need to combine 2 different treatments in order to add the 2 problems that are contributing to this skin issue. Turbo Red Vein Buster is a combined facial treatmeent that takes red vein removal to a whole new level. Combining advanced diathermy with intense pulsed light laser therapy, it is possible to successfully treatment the following conditions in a just a few sessions.

Broken Veins Reduced

Reduced Rosacea

Increased Elasticity

Thread veins and Spider nervi Gone

Blood Spots Gone

Collagen Increased

Overall More Even Skin Tone

Red vein and rosacea dublin

Turbo Red Vein Buster is an annovation in aesthetic telangiectasia recovery treatment that works as follows:

  • Diathermy x 2 treatments
  • Intense Pulsed Light Laser x 3 treatments
  • The treatment is complemented by a combination of plant based serums and cremes to cool sooth and hydrate

What To Expect After "Turbo Red Vein Buster" Treatment

You may begin your treatment with diathermy. This treatment is highly effective for the removal of individualised veins. However, you will experience some crusting and the area may scab. It is recommended not to plan a social occasion for approximately 4 days. Make up can be applied for women but for men the results will look like dry skin. Leave 4 - 6 weeks between diathermy treatments. Then you will begin IPL laser. Some mild crusting may occur but downtime is considerably less. This is necessary as it treats the general redness where diathermy treats the actual red vein itself.

What Does It Consist Of?

You will undergo a total of 5 combined facial treatments that are specially targetted at red vein and rosacea reduction. You will undergo a patch test for laser during your first visit of diathermy. For this reason it is best to schedule the diathermy treatments first where possible. The price is offered at a package of €399 when payment is made on the first visit. Full price is €540 when paid for individually.

How Do I Prepare For This?

Avoid sun exposure sun beds and do not apply fake tan to the area. The treatment cannot be carried out if you have any tan or fake tan on your skin. Please bear this in mind. If you have rosacea you may consider a probiotic implant and liver cleanse because rosacea is considered to be an inflammatory response which is helped by cleansing and detoxing the body. This is offered at Vitality Centre aswell.

red vein removal dublin