For reduction of fine lines and wrinkles microdermabrasion can be combined with skin needling but never in the same treatment. Leave one week in between treatments. But why is this combination so effective and what are the differences that each treatment offers?

Micro Skin Needling is used to target the lower dermis where deep scaring, pock marks and furrows go further down into the skin. When the deeper parts of the skin are effected by problematic aging micro skin needling is almost always the most effective treatment option. Mesotherapy which is also known as skin needling or in recent years, derma rolling stimulates and reaches the mesoderm or middle layer of skin which then aids in the process of deeper cellular rejuvenation. A is used to to break down the damaged harsh lines, furrows and pock marks, improving collagen production, lymphatic drainage at the same time. With the addition of advanced serums and vitamins, the outer layer of skin is also further improved. Since the vitamins and minerals find their way deeper into the skin, the skin gets the full benefit without any filtering away. Skin needling is a highly effective treatment for the removal of stubborn fine lines and deep wrinkles along with scaring. This wonderful treatment has been used in France for over 15 years.

The formula for skin rejuvenation with skin needling or derma rolling includes the implantation of nutrients directly into the skin via a very small needle like device. Nutrients such as collagen can be put directly back into the skin in this way. The result is a substantial reduction of wrinkles, tightening of flaccid or loose skin and a return of elasticity which is quite incredible. The end result is a change to the skins anatomy and physiology so that we can restore the underlying support structure. A good analogy is that of replacing the mat under worn carpet with a newer more effective one. That makes the upper part of the skin look revived, smoother and younger without the need for harsh chemicals or surgery.

Microdermabrasion is a highly effective skin treatment which removes the upper dermis gradually and encourages new skin cell growth. Over time this takes away the old dead skin which contains those unsightly problems such as wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation and sun damage. Over a course of 4 treatments, a completely new skin is cultivated.