10 Years Younger Hands

Aged hands can give away your age more than facial wrinkles. Book "10 Year Younger Hands" at Dublin Vitality Centre.

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Its true that we pay a great deal of attention to ensuring our skin looks young and vital. But how much attention do we pay to our hands. Afterall, they are the areas of skin that are most likely to be submerged in chemical soapy dish water or to be deprived of skin cream. Its no wonder that they can look older than they really are. If your hands are looking older than they should, why not consider a revolutionary new treatment programme which can restore the skin, remove pigmentation and age spots, reduce wrinkles and even help with loose skin.

A remarkable anti-aging treatment especially for the hands, that works as follows:

  • Advanced medical laser light removes pigmentation, liver spots
  • The laser increases collagen to increase elasticity
  • The treatment is complemented by a combination of plant based serums and cremes to cool sooth and hydrate

What To Expect After "10 Years Younger Hands" Treatment

Skin may look a little red. Some crusting may occur but this is unlikely. You will notice that pigmentation and liver spots fade after each treatment and hands begin to look notably younger.

What Does It Consist Of?

You will undergo 5 treatments of advanced Lynton medical grade skin laser therapy, approximately 4 weeks apart. When you pay for this in advance, you will receive a package price of €499 instead of full price of €600. "10 Years Younger Hands " makes an ideal Xmas gift for someone special. Vouchers available on request.

Lighter skin

Reduced Pigmentation

Increased Elasticity

Increased Collagen

Liver spots reduced

Hydration increased

Younger looking hands

How Many Treatments and Whats Involved?

For maximum results consider a course 5 - 6 laser treatments on the hands carried out approximately 4 weeks apart. A patch test is necessary, one week before.